Mt Fuji

The Orchards

From their first orchard in the Walla Walla Valley planted in the 1950s, the Brown family has grown to farm more than 1,400 acres and more than 15 different types of Apples in the Walla Walla Valley. Combined with their business partners in Washington, the Foreman Family, the Browns and the Foremans represent more than 4,000 acres of apples, cherries and pears stretching from the Canadian border to Oregon. These orchards are farmed with the utmost care by dedicated apple farmers who use modern sustainable and organic farming methods to ensure the highest quality fruit is produced with the least amount of impact on the land and water supply. All Blue Mountain Cider orchards are overseen by Jared and Leonard Brown, the son and grandson of Earl Brown and the uncle and brother of our head Cider Maker, Andrew Brown.


The Apples

At Blue Mountain Cider we only use fresh pressed apples we grow in our sustainably farmed and organic vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley. We focus on utilizing traditional European cider varieties such as Gravenstein, Winesaps and Pippins in addition to American apples like Jonagold and Golden Russet. These apples provide improved tannin and acidity with increased depth of flavor and minerality when compared to ciders made from juice concentrates or dessert apples. Blue Mountain Cider does all the pressing, fermentation, blending, and bottling on site to ensure the highest quality from the tree to the bottle.